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Alfresco Dining

Al fresco dining is one of the most popular and ancient forms of dining experiences where you are in close connection with the mesmerizing beauty of nature. With ample supply of sunlight and fresh air; your experience of al fresco dining would leave you with no choice than having an ultimate excitement. 

Especially  during the summers, the al fresco dining invite the thirsty and hungry people with those bared arms and legs to the alfresco seating attractions onto the terrace for a delicious lunch, delightful al fresco dinner or just a lavish cocktail. When it’s baltic, it is apparent why the sun-seekers prefer to dine outdoors.

You could enjoy the bird's eye view from one of the city’s tallest places offering the best alfresco dining experiences. Or you could make your dear one pleased with a fine alfresco dinner date enjoying the sheltered privacy where offered. Alfresco food is one of the best choices for enjoying lunch al fresco with your best buddies.

What Is Alfresco Dining?

Alfresco dining is commonly referred to as dining outside—in the open air. Here Alfresco is a term al fresco borrowed from the Italian language which basically means dining outside. To your surprise, Italians no longer use the term alfresco dining to refer to dining outside, but we do. 

Alfresco dining is the style of dining for casual dining. it is a loved option for parties. People feel more relaxed under the sky with alfresco seating and al fresco food. It is highly popular in the summer season of temperate regions where people experience baltic temperature due to intense and long winters. And it is equally loved by sun-light grabbers who tend to dine under the sun during the days with favorable temperatures and sunny days of mild winters. 

The alfresco seating for a lavish alfresco lunch or dinner is embellished with sophisticated tablecloths, linen table runners, decorative napkins, linen placemats, and fine quality cutlery. This amazing alfresco seating creates a distinct allure that is also comfier and inviting. 

 Benefits of Alfresco Seating 

Al fresco seating is all about having fun in the open air with your favorite alfresco food. no matter what the event is, could it be a simple lunch experience with your colleagues or family or an event of your best friend’s engagement; alfresco is always the most loved type of seating. 

Here you go with some perks of al fresco seating.

  • Alfresco Seating Cost-Effective

Alfresco dining is a pocket-friendly choice. You don’t need to book an event hall well in advance with those heavy advance payments. This also saves up much opportunity cost if you need to alter or cancel a plan amid the ongoing pandemic scenario. You would not need to worry about those stuck advance fees. 

  • Alfresco seating Is More Inviting 

Al fresco seating creates a more inviting allure within your event décor. It creates a welcoming impression where everyone is easy to move around and this is why the children enjoy the alfresco seating the most. 

  • Alfresco seating allows You To Do The Décor As You Wish

If you wish the sky to be the background of your wedding day décor with the flattering fluffy pampas grass plumes dancing with the winds; it won't be possible within a confined event hall!

This is a luxury that only al fresco seating allows you. You can decorate your events the way to wish. You can let your creativity wander like a free bird when you are opting for al fresco seating for your big day. This is why the event planners and organizers also love to recommend you al fresco seating. 

  • Alfresco seating allows you to maintain the social distance that is recommended these days

As the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the everyday life of a common man on Earth, it has become crucial to maintain a recommended social distance that can easily be made possible with alfresco seating arrangements.

  • Alfresco seating enables you to let nature contribute to your event décor.

At times you are to restrict your creativity when it comes to the event décor in a confined space. Whereas, if you are opting for the alfresco dining arrangement then you can easily use the beauty of nature to decorate your event décor. Such as the sunlight, greenery, and the blue sky may add a touch of nature to your al fresco dining experience. Similarly stars in the sky may sparkle throughout your al fresco dining at your wedding or birthday party. 

  • If you plan a lunch al fresco for your wedding or birthday party, you would save up much cost of artificial lighting

In the outdoor event arrangement in the form of al fresco, you need not worry about the arrangement of ample artificial lights that you would require in an event hall. So, this makes your dining al fresco experience a lot more pocket-friendly. 

  • Al fresco seating is an eco-friendly choice.

Al fresco seating arrangement is an eco-friendly choice as compared to the traditional practices of hoteling, event management, and entertainment. You don’t need to consume a lot of resources to arrange alfresco seating. You consume minimum resources, the energy that makes it a sustainable choice. In addition to that, you are exposed to fresh air rather than the air coming from the central cooling or heating system. 

  • Al fresco seating is portable. You can remove the seating instantly when needed.

Al fresco seating is a portable and removable arrangement. You can arrange a lavish al fresco dining experience anywhere you want. You can get it arranged along the shore of your favorite beach, where you can enjoy the waves touching the shores and then rushing back home, along with your favorite al fresco food.

  • Al fresco seating experience provides a perfect background for your photoshoot or Instagram stories.

Once you have selected al fresco for your events; don’t worry about the alluring background for your photoshoot or Instagram stories to amaze and excite your friends and family. This is also a reason why many people today love to prefer alfresco seating as compared to the traditional seating. 

  • It offers privacy!

If you are dining with your love and don’t want the city noise or other distortions then you can create a perfect private space with customized al fresco seating. here you can also opt for a certain theme just like people love to do to surprise their love with a perfect proposal. You can create beautiful memories while eating al fresco.

  • Dining alfresco is an escape to luxury!

As you stay indoors most of the time, be it home or office; al fresco proves to enjoy an ultimate escape, provided a lavish al fresco food. Most of the time people spend the whole weekend working within their homes or offices with literally no opportunity to feel the soothing heat of sunlight or the touch of fresh air. Alfresco dining enables you to experience the beauty of nature that you are surely going to crave!

How dining alfresco is a better option during these pandemic days?

As we know that the world is undergoing a serious public health crisis since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first wave of the global virus has taken many precious lives and the ongoing second wave is also causing serious threats to the glocal society. 

Therefore, the confined spaces are no more a recommended option for family gatherings as not everyone is as serious towards the virus as everyone should be. So, you can create your own alfresco seating arrangement to celebrate your big days, birthdays, or the ongoing holiday season.  This way you can reduce the risk of the outbreak as your circle can follow the event’s decorum. 

And also, al fresco is an open-air dining arrangement that allows you to be less prone to germs as sunlight is there to sterilize the environment every day. This also makes the alfresco seating a better option during the ongoing pandemic days.

Wedding Décor Ideas for A Perfect Al Fresco Dining Experience

 You can’t be more obvious about the perks of al fresco dining especially when it comes to events like weddings or any other celebration. Be it formal or informal, al fresco dining option is still the most loved form of dining by people across the globe. All you need to do is to consider certain factors that are crucial before planning an event with lunch al fresco or a dinner. Here you go!

  1. Choose the Location 

The selection of location is the most critical step that you must finalize well in advance so that you may take any official permissions necessary for engaging the space for your event.

  1. Consider the Weather Forecast

As alfresco is all outdoors; you must keep an eye on the weather forecast while opting for dining al fresco.

  1. Decide the Menu

You can decide the menu according to your will when it's al fresco. as here you are not bound to choose from a predefined list of food.

  1. Ensure How to Keep the Bugs Away

An alfresco can be a bad experience if you have not ensured ways of keeping the bugs away.

  1. Arrange a Bonfire If It’s Too Cold

You can also arrange a bonfire as it is also a perk that al fresco dining offers for your dinners. This could make your dining al fresco even more alluring!

Here you go with some amazing ideas to make your al fresco dining décor attractive for your big day!

  • Al Fresco Dining Table Décor 
  • alfresco dining

  • The experience of dining alfresco adds joy to a wedding event where your family and friends gather along to celebrate the moments. You can create awesomeness by decorating your dining table with al fresco seating for your wedding day.

    • Follow A Theme

    You would love eating al fresco when the dining table décor of the alfresco seating goes well with the theme of the entire event’s décor. Today, we all love to opt for the themes of event décor that really enhance the look of your wedding décor. Here alfresco seating proves to be a game-changer by giving you enough liberty to follow your event décor theme as easily and freely as possible. You can decide on every inch of your event décor once you know its al fresco!

    • Choose the Best Colour Combination for Your Event Décor

    After selecting the décor theme, it is important to identify which colours are going to dominate your wedding décor. From the shade of curtain, seating to the colour of the table napkins; every detail matters a lot for your wedding day décor as you are opting for alfresco and you are free to choose!

    • Choose the Tablecloth Accordingly 

    Let the tableware follow the theme of your wedding decor using a matching colour scheme. You can create a seating of four or six people on each table.  Handwoven table linen would work wonders for your wedding décor. You can create a classy event décor using the matching or contrast shade of tablecloth on every table to amaze your guests and to make your big day even more exciting with this event decor. 

    alfresco tablecloth
    •    Incorporate Accessories To Enahnce Your Tableware 

    You can also add metallic or crystal accessories to decorate your al fresco wedding décor. All you need to do is to select the colour scheme that goes well with the rest of the exterior design of your alfresco seating and wedding décor. As you can see in this image where a handwoven table cloth is spreading elegance across the seating and the decorative piece made with a metal frame and glass is looking just WOW!

    • Add Some Candles

    Candles add a romantic touch to your event’s décor especially when it comes to a wedding event. You must add elegant candle stands to every table to create a dreamy al fresco environment. these could be crystal made or may be made from metal with a golden coating. You can choose the colour or candles according to your theme. This would surely boost your experience of dining al fresco on your wedding day. Just check out this table runner having an amazing hand woven pattern that is enough to dominate the décor of your alfresco dining table. Here you can see that the colour of the candle stand goes well with the scheme of the table’s décor and nothing looks irrelevant. Just imagine adding white or silver candles to this stand!

    • Let A Table Runner Define The Space!
    You can never underestimate the importance of table runners! A table runner always defines the space of a table and make it look classier. 

    Just check out this amazing square table and imagine how much elegance this handwoven linen table the runner can add to your wedding décor. The best part is that you can create an amazing alfresco dining experience using the table runners that have the same shades that are dominating your wedding décor. 


    • Pick the dinnerware Accordingly 

     Now that you have decided to go alfresco for your wedding event and opted for your favoured wedding décor theme according to which you are selecting your tableware including the tablecloth, runner, decorative pieces, and candles. It is time to pick the dinnerware according to the theme of your wedding décor. It adds an unimaginable appeal to your alfresco wedding décor.

    Just check out this astounding handwoven placemat that is defining this table with its wonderful hand-woven borders in a contrast colour. You can see the dinnerware is matched with the theme of the dining table décor in such an amazing way. You can also create this charming look for your wedding day décor especially when it's al fresco!

    • Add Class to Your Al Fresco Seating with A Latvian Hand-Woven Placemat Boucle

    You don’t always need a tablecloth or table runner to make your alfresco table beautiful as you might be using classy dining tables that you want to keep bare. This, for sure, highlights the patterns and colours of your wooden or metallic dining tables that you might choose for your wedding al fresco dining. But you can also enhance its look by simply placing a Latvian hand-woven placemat boucle. Just check out how this off-white handwoven placemat boucle is altering the entire look of a dining table décor. You can add it to your wedding day décor to take your al fresco dining experience to the next level of luxury!

    • Use curtains to define a space!

    You can create drama in your al fresco dining décor on your wedding day by adding curtains in a light shade. As light colours create an elegant impact on your interior or exterior décor only with the grace that these shades possess.

    Just look at this fine quality hand woven curtain in a creamy pearl white shade. You can place two beautiful stands in golden color with big vases becoming home to some bunches of pampas grass in front of this curtain to boost the look of your al fresco dining for your big day décor. You can use a floral strip to cover the hanging rod and then it would create a perfectly enticing décor!

    • Use Linen Towel with Crocheted Lace to Decorate Your Tablespace

     The best part of al fresco is that it keeps no boundaries on your event décor no matter it is a wedding, a birthday party, or a semi-official dinner. You can go to a variety of ideas to decorate your tablespace. And so, you can also use a linen towel with crocheted lace to decorate your tablespace. Laces add a fancy touch to your décor and a crocheted lace as depicted in this image can not only add class to your exterior décor for al fresco but you would also love to incorporate it into the interior design of your house. 

    • Use Linen Towel with Crocheted Loop to hold curtains

    A linen towel with a crocheted loop can be used in such a way that it holds the curtains that are used in the al fresco event décor. It would be enough for creating style and sophistication within your event décor. You can combine it with a wooden beads garland to perform the holding function. It is all about how creative you can be! 

    • Add A Fancy Touch to Your Al Fresco Dining Décor Using Linen Curtains with Panicles

    linen curtains work as dividers within your event décor. You can define spaces using these linen curtains for your alfresco dinner décor. These also work as a background for your big day’s stage background. You can add fresh flowers or led lights to it if your alfresco dinner is going to held at night. While if you are planning for a lunch al fresco then these linen curtains with panicles are going to create a distinctive charm. 

    Bridal Shower with Alfresco Seating

    If you a bride-to-be and looking for ideas to celebrate your bridal shower, then al fresco seating is one of the most minimalist options that you would surely fall for!

    Surprise your Valentine with alfresco food

    As Valentine’s day is also approaching and many of us are searching for ideas to surprise their love of life with the best expressions of love!

    You can also surprise your Valentine with a romantic candlelight dinner by opting for the al fresco. You can get it arranged along the bank of your favourite lake where she/he or you both together love to spend your time. You can also choose your balcony for an amazing al fresco dining experience to make your loved one happiest on Valentine's day!

    The Bottom Line

    In a word, dining al fresco is such an amazing experience that you would love to have again on any of your vacant weekends! You can create the excitement of an amazing alfresco dining experience anywhere you want, using an appealing décor theme. Be it a café, pub, a restaurant or garden, picnic-ready spot with seating, or your own balcony or backyard. Al fresco food is something you can trade-off for a lavish dinner in a seven-star resort as it can offer you somewhat similar luxury and joy.