Classic Linen Curtain


The light, bluish gray curtains is individual handwork with its unique character. It is woven on a traditional wooden loom by skilled latvian hands. The Curtains can be a perfect finishing touch to any interior and will always create a feeling of home.

Hanging: How you want to hang your curtains also affects the overall feel. Our standard curtains have an embroidered edge at the top of a curtain. You can use it as a tunnel to put it on the curtain rod. The curtain seen in the picture is hanged with small plastic hooks using curtain tape. Let us know your idea about how you want to hang your curtains (write to info@linenroomlatvia.com).

Size: 160 cm is maximal possible width. The length is 250 cm for standard purchase on the internet, but you can order the length suitable for you.

Individual orders: please write to info@linenroomlatvia.com or WhatsApp (+371 29223459).

100% Linen

Fabric Care
Handwoven linen products require more gentle care. Using our recommendations (see Fabric Care) and using detergents suitable for natural materials you will let your linen product look better and last longer.

Handmade in Latvia