Concept Linen Room Latvia

Linen seduces, makes you feel fresh in the heat and warms you up when it's cold. Both your body and soul.

How to make celebration more special? Put on a linen tablecloth!

How to relax your tired body after a busy day? Put on a linen bedsheet!

How to pamper your skin in the summer heat? Put on a linen shirt or dress!

How to breath in some nature every day even if it is not possible to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and dive into the freshness of the countryside? Add some linen products to your daily life! On the table, in the wardrobe, on the bed, by the windows – the variety of applications offered by linen is endless! Just like our imagination and ability to make ideas come true by creating more and more new products.

Our goal is not the quantity, but the quality, satisfaction from a job well done and that special feeling that comes from the feedback of customers when they say: "Thank you, we love it!"

Years of honing skills and love for our work allow us to create new, unique products, which are appreciated by both our long-standing customers and those who enter our stores by accident. Often this accident grows into a long relationship built on trust. Because linen seduces. It makes you feel fresh and warms you up. Like your trust in us!