Is It Worth To Invest In Good Quality Bed Linen?

We spend 1/3 of our life in bed. Good sleep is mandatory for happy and producive day. Therefore it is important to pay attention to your sleep habits such as get fresh air in your room, make quality of air better by purchasing some plants, make sure that room is dark and quiet. And also it is worth to invest in good quality bed linen that will help you to feel more comfortable during sleep.

How To Choose Good Quality Bed Linen?

 The most popular fabrics in the world of bed linen will be polyester, micro fiber, cotton, silk and linen. Polyester and micro fiber are synthetic fabrics that will not allow your skin to breathe. Cotton, linen and silk are natural materials. Silk will be very expensive, less breathable and more difficult to care for, so let's describe cotton and linen in more detail. Cotton - To choose good quality cotton, pay attention to 3 things. First, pay attention to whether the cotton is made of longer fibers. Fiber length is the main factor that determines the quality of cotton, longer fiber will be more pleasant to the skin and will last much longer than shorter fiber cotton. If the seller does not say that the cotton is made of long staple cotton, then it is very likely that it is not of very high quality. The second factor is the thread count, if the number of threads per square inch is 250-800, it will be higher quality cotton. Third, look at the country of origin, if it comes from China be careful. One of the highest quality will be Egyptian cotton, because real Egyptian cotton will be made of long threads. Linen - Linen is my favorite fabric because it has many advantages over cotton. When choosing linen fabric, pay attention mainly to the place of origin. The highest quality flax has historically come from Europe - France, Belgium, Italy and also the Baltic States. Attention should be paid to the thickness of the material, the denser the fabric, the more linen will be suitable for sleeping in winter and will be more durable. When choosing bed linen, make sure that the linen is softened, as it will be much more pleasant to sleep. Linen will also have much longer fibers than cotton, so the length of the linen fiber is not as important as in cotton. Also the number of threads is not so important but better to choose denser linen material (more grams per meter)

What Is Better Linen Or Cotton?

 In stores, you can mostly buy low-quality cotton bed linen that will not be durable and will wear out quickly. Good cotton bed linen with a threadcount of 200-850  and which will be made of long fiber cotton and will have a good country of origin will also cost quite expensive. Cotton will be softer than linen from beginning. Linen is no not so soft at begging, but it gets softer which each washing. Cotton usually will be cheaper than linen. Linen fabric will be a little more expensive than good quality cotton, but cotton will start to show signs of wear after a few years, whereas linen, if properly cared for, can last for several decades. Flax will also have longer fibers, which means that the products will stay in shape longer. Linen also cools better in summer and will be great if you feel hot while sleeping. Flax is also great for your skin to breathe, and flax is grown with much less chemicals and water, so flax is a much more environmentally friendly material.

 Where Bed Linen Is Made?

The set of bed linen is sewn in the beautiful Latvian city of Aluksne. Each set is meticulously handmade, sewn with love. By purchasing linen bed linen, you support the Latvian manufacturer, as well as save significantly.

Why Line Is More Expensive And How The Price Is Determined??

The price of bed linen is mostly the fabric used, we use only the highest quality linen fabric. Therefore, our prices will be higher than the prices of low quality bed linen, which are mostly found in stores. Linen fabric is a luxury product due to the labor-intensive process of obtaining it, but it will last several times longer and has many more advantages compared to synthetic materials and cotton. The prices of our products will be approximately from 100-250 EUR, depending on the size, selected equipment. However, bedding of similar quality in retail stores will cost much more. We deliver purchases directly from the manufacturer, so you save significantly and get the best possible price.

 What If I Do Not Like Linen Bedding?

We offer a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee for the linen bed linen set. If our bed linen is not suitable for you for any reason, you will be able to return it within 30 days and get your money back in full.

Does Linen Wrinkle And Does It Needs To Be Ironed?

Linen is more wrinkled compared to other materials, but it gives the linen its special charm. Linen is a bit like a "bad boy" in the fabric world with its slightly wrinkled appearance, a slight crease gives the linen its special character and charm. Our linen bed linen is soft and does not need ironing. Is flax rough? Our linen fabric is softened with a special technology that will make it much more pleasant to sleep. However, any linen fabric will be a little rougher and stiffer at first, but with each wash it will become softer and more pleasant.

What Are Washing Recommendations?

We provide care instructions for all products. Use the washing machine program "Hand wash - wool or silk". Wash in warm water (max. 40 ° C). Centrifuge speed (max. 800). Use a gentle detergent that is suitable for natural materials. We recommend using a softener. Wash flax products with plenty of water, as flax has the ability to absorb moisture. White linen products can be washed with a chlorine-free bleach. Chlorine-containing bleach is not suitable for flax and can damage the flax product. Do not wash white and dark linen together. After washing, linen products can shrink by 3-4%.

 What Are Drying And Ironing Recomendations?

Products made of softened linen fabric can be placed in the tumble dryer, as the fabric has a slight creasing effect and does not need to be ironed. Do not dry the flax completely dry. If the linen dries too much, it will lose its natural moisture level and ironing will make the fabric more brittle and difficult to iron. Before ironing, make sure that the linen product is slightly damp. We recommend ironing linen products with a steam iron. This makes it easier to iron the folds, the linen fiber is not overheated and the linen product does not get an unwanted shine.

 What Is Your Business Model?

The classic business model is that the fabric manufacturer delivers the fabric to the seamstress, the seamstresses sew it for a brand, the brand sells it in retail stores. We sew linen bed linen ourselves, instead of selling it to other stores, we go directly to the consumer, thus offering significant savings on the cost of quality bed linen.