About us

The Linen Room Latvia concept store was created by the company Dzīpari S.

The picturesque Latvian city of Alūksne is a place where skilled hands never stop making linen and wool products. Dzīpari S is a friendly team brimming with ideas, making new and inspiring products come to life every day.

The company has been operating since 1993, and the key to our long-term success is our customers, who appreciate the high quality of our products. Most of our products are woven on old wooden looms. The rest of them are skilfully hand-sewn, knitted and crocheted. 

The word "dzīpars" in Latvian means a beautiful yarn that is woven into the fabric to make it unique. Our experts weave linen yarns into a variety of designs and are great at both preserving ethnographic elements and creating modern design solutions.

The company is proud to have a team of hard-working winders, weavers, seamstresses, knitters and other creative artisans. By complementing each other and mastering every single detail of our craft, we are successful at meeting deadlines and completing large-scale orders, including those from outside Latvia. We are no strangers to export. It is nothing rare that a foreigner buys a linen product from us, and after a while we have already become business partners. This always serves as a reminder that we have not lost our high quality and creativity.

Each product created by the company Dzīpari S is handmade and has its own special character! We are not short of ideas and we are eager to add new designs to our collection.