Fabric care & pictograms guide

Caring instructions for linen products

Handwoven linen products require more gentle care to protect the linen fibre from damage. Using our recommendation and using detergents suitable for natural materials you will let your linen product look better and last longer.

Recommendations for washing

Use the washing machine programme “Washing with hands – for wool or silk”.  Wash in warm water (max 40°C). Use centrifuge speed max. 800. Use a mild detergent suitable for natural materials to protect the linen fibre.

It is recommended to use a softener.

Wash linen products in a large quantity of water as the linen has an ability to absorb moisture.

White linen products can be washed with the detergent containing bleach (only if it does not contain chlorine). Bleach containing chlorine is not suitable for linen products and could damage the linen product.

Do not wash together white and dark linen products.

Linen products could shrink by 3-4% after washing.

Recommendations for drying and ironing

Do not put handwoven linen products in a tumble dryer. The reason is quite simple – it will promote the formation of non-ironable creases.

Softened linen products can place in the tumble dryer as this fabric has a slight creasing effect and does not need ironing.

Do not dry the linen product fully. If the linen product will be dried too much then it loses its natural moisture. Accordingly, the ironing will make the linen fibre more fragile and it will be harder to iron it.  Before ironing make sure the linen product is a bit wet.

It is recommended to iron linen products with a steam iron. It is easier to get rid out of the wrinkles, the linen fibre is not overheated and it does not get unwanted shine.

For easier ironing and to avoid wrinkles it is recommended to lay down wet linen product on a flat surface and to smooth it out to the maximum.


Fabric care pictograms guide

  - Iron at high temperature up to 200o C

  - Do not tumble dry

- Tumble drying (low temperature)

- Wash at or below 30 °C (USA, 1 dot, ●)

- Wash at or below 40 °C (USA, 2 dots, ●●)

 - Do not bleach

 - Dry clean, tetrachloroethylene (PCE) only