Linen Roman Blinds


The Linen Blinds we produce on individual orders (info@linenroomlatvia.com or WhatsApp (+371 29223459). Linen fabric is individual handwork with its unique character. It is woven on a traditional wooden loom by skilled latvian hands. The linen blinds can be a fashionable addition to a room and will always create a feeling of home.

Mechanism: We use only qualitative and self-tested mechanisms. The Linen Blind price also includes the costs of mechanism which you can use for ages and change only linen fabric by changing style or colours of your room.

Size & Price: The price is provided for the fabric and mechanism seen in the picture. 150 cm (width) x 160 cm (length), price 230 EUR; 150 cm (width) x 240 cm (length), price 275 EUR. For individual orders the price will be calculated based on the chosen fabric and size.

Colour: We can send you fabric samples so that you can make the right choice.

Individual orders: please write to info@linenroomlatvia.com or WhatsApp (+371 29223459).

Returns: we do not accept returns for this product as those linen blinds are made on individual orders and you have a possibility to order fabric samples.

100% Linen

Fabric Care
Handwoven linen products require more gentle care. Using our recommendations (see Fabric Care) and using detergents suitable for natural materials you will let your linen product look better and last longer.

Handmade in Latvia