Men`s Sauna Skirt


Men`s Sauna Skirt is a little raugh from outside due to linen loops, but softer inside due to the cotton base of fabric. It is the perfect choice for men who want to feel good in the spa or sauna.

This sauna skirt has a pocket on the front where you can conveniently carry accesorries with you. Each sauna skirt is provided with a button at the front and a rubber at the back, so that the sauna skirt can be easily closed and fits on any body.

The sauna skirt is not only environmentally friendly, but also antiallergic, antibacterial and antistatic. It quickly absorbs moisture. 

It can be a practical gift for your loved ones.

Loop: 100% linen; Base: 100% cotton

Linen Care


Handmade in Latvia